Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Padilla Online Store: The One-Stop Solution For Those Who Seek Modesty

Awhile back muslim women had to face difficulty in finding appropriate swimwear, one that covers body parts except for hands, face and feet. Most swimwear that was available in the market, either too revealing or impractical for swimming. However now, muslim women can enjoy swimming and other beach activities with the introduction of islamic swimwear.

Islamic swimwear from Padilla Sportswear is designed to provide full body cover for women who seek modesty and are active in water sports. Padilla is a leading online store that offersa great range of bikini, tankini, one piece swimwear, jumpsuits, muslim swimwear, surf wear, board shorts and fitness wear. All of Padilla products, including muslim swimwear are easy to wear, comfortable and stylish which will give you more confident in doing sports and outdoor activities.

Padilla’s Islamic swimsuits come in 3 pieces set which are: hood, long sleeves top and long pants. The beautiful designs of Padilla’s islamic swimsuits, also attract people who are not muslim, to wear them to give their skin more protection against the sun. Some of them choose only to wear the long sleeves top and long pants without the hood. This way, they still can enjoy water sports or just chill on the beach and be safe from sunburn. These swimsuits are also light in weight, flexible, and quick to dry. With innovative fabrics and techniques used to manufacture swimwear, Padilla gives today's women every opportunity to have fun in the water with confidence and style.

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Monday, 5 March 2012

Padilla online store: A perfect destination for quality bikinis for women

With blue sky and warm weather, summer is definitely a happy season that has been waited. When summer comes, beaches become preferred destinations. After all, what is a better way to enjoy summer other than chilling on the beach? And of course, this bliss would be incomplete without having the perfect pair of bikinis. If you are looking to hit the beach with fun this coming summer then look no further than Padilla store. Padilla Sportswear is one stop shop for trendy beach wear and surf wear. Our products are available online worldwide and also in shopping centers in Indonesia and Australia.

Padilla offers different styles of bikinis for women, tights and leggings, surf wear, jumpsuit, as well as muslim swimwear. Padilla is one of the popular online sources of surf wear and other beach related items. You can have a wide selection of swimwear for women, men and kids that will surely fit your style and budget.

The collection at Padilla store is filled with choices of trendy, sexy, and smart beach wear.  Whether you are looking for unbeatable style or quality, Padilla has excellent choices of bikinis for women. You will find amazing bikinis in attractive prints and vibrant colors.  Each and every piece of beach wear is designed to enhance women’s body shape and comfort, thus inspiring women to explore their active personality.

Great quality and affordable price are the prime reasons behind Padilla's success. Padilla has over the years invested in additional production capacity to provide the best products to their customers. Their online store has a strong emphasis on quality and importantly time delivery to their customers worldwide. So to shop for bikinis for women at reasonable prices, please visit!

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Tips in Buying Swimwear Online

As the weather gets warmer, swimming is becoming a fun outdoor activity to do. People swim more in summer which leads to an increasing shopping spree for swimwear. Most women will choose the best swimwear that will give their body the most flattering look. Also, given that most women would love to look at their best on the beach, it is no wonder why buying beachwear or swimwear could be challenging. So, it is important to take few considerations before buying this revealing sportswear for women.

These are few tips that might be useful in buying the right style of swimwear though online shopping:
Know your needs
Before you go for swimwear shopping, analyze the need for it. If you love to swim and want that glorious tan, then nothing would be better than getting a pair of bikini. If you are the sporty type and love surfing, then buying surf wear and board shorts would be a reasonable choice for your personality. Women who seek little privacy can go for one piece swimwear or jumpsuit swimwear.

Know your body type
Buying swimwear that suit best for your body type will help to make your body shape look better. Get bikini top with padding for extra busty look or get a one piece swimwear with skirt for more girly look.

Size matters
Quite often women buy swimwear which is one size bigger, especially in length or across the backside. Well, remember that swimwear material is stretchy and should be bought just your size. Most online stores have size charts for the convenience of customers, so take careful measurements of yourself before you shop.

Explore few different items and compare
Online stores spoil you with choices as they offer a vast array of beach wear and swimwear in various designs and styles. Explore few different items in the store and compare which style would suit your body and personality most. Some online stores will give you tips in choosing the best swimwear for different body types, eg: pear shape, petite, etc.

Padilla, a leading manufacturer, retailer, wholesaler and exporter of sportswear, offers fashionable designs and quality fabrics in swimwear for women, men and children. The company offers huge collection of swimwear as well as sportswear that meet the needs and expectations of their customers. To shop for sportswear and swimwear online, visit